Strength and security in all elements

Scandinavian Astor Technologies is a Swedish industrial and defense group. The industrial part manufactures advanced composite solutions on behalf of customers with applications in the marine, aviation and defense industries. The military part develops, produces and sells radar jamming systems for training purposes.

Astor Holdings consists of:
My-Konsultbolagen, Marström Composite AB, JPC Composite.

The technology

Radar jamming

Astor’s system manipulates radar signals from ships, aircraft as well as stationary radar stations by receiving and transmitting signals. The enemy cannot identify where the target it is located. Or if there is one.

In field tests, the system has proven to be very competitive compared to most qualified international players.

The technology


With holdings in the composite companies Marström and JPC, the Astor group ensures in-house production of protection for antennas as well as radar equipment and electronics/ radomes. The market for lightweight solutions and composites is expected to increase with annual growth of just over seven percent until 2027.

Marström is a leading Swedish founded composite company. The company manufactures boat
masts, parts for boats and aircraft and military products.

”Astor’s system covers all frequencies. It is quite unique.”

Leading French general

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