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My-Konsult was founded in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. My-Konsult specializes in the design, development and manufacture of tactical electronic attack and training systems.
The company focuses on ECM and ESM products including Test and Evaluation, Airborne, Ground and Naval applications.
My-Konsult website


Marströms is a world leading composite company based in Västervik, Sweden. Marström was founded in 1983 by Göran Marström, Olympic Tornado sailing medalist, and Per Wärn.
On behalf of customers, the company manufactures masts, boat parts, aircraft parts and military products. Marstrom website


JPC Composite AB, founded in 2000, is a specialized composite company in Avesta, Sweden. The company manufactures carbon fiber components for aviation, for military purposes, for the automotive industry and for the medical sector. The company was acquired to ensure in-house production of radoms for the Astor systems. The company
also provides mechanical processing for Astor. JPC website


Mikroponent AB, originated from the graphic industry and pioneers in the Nordics in terms of etching, was founded in 1973. Mikroponent is one of the few players in Europe when it comes to the type of metal removal that they perform for functional and decorative purposes. The investment in laser cutting in 2020 makes the offering complete when it comes to components in thin sheet metal. Market areas includes products for industries such as space and aviation, precision mechanics, energy, electronics and automotive. Mikroponent website

Company timeline


My-Konsult is founded (by Tommy Kahlin and Lennart Sundberg).


First delivery of the Astor III system.


Leasing of Astor III to the Netherlands.


Development of Astor IV begins.Participation in an international procurement of EW (electronic warfare) system. EASA 1.45 certification.


12 Astor II systems delivered since 2007.


First international contract, including development and delivery of Astor IV. Option to deliver an additional system. ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.


Acquisition of JPC Composite AB, 60 %.


”Astor” is formally registered as name for the group. The name comes from the Aesir god Tor – Asa-Tor – in Norse mythology.


Acquisition of Marström Composite AB.
Acquisition of remaining 40 % of JPC.
Logo for the Astor group developed


Scandinavian Astor Group IPO on Spotlight Stock Market.
Acquisition of Mikroponent AB.


Acquisition of Airsafe Sweden AB.

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Astor is an established player in radar jamming in Scandinavia and Europe.

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Astor is an established player in radar jamming in Scandinavia and Europe.


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