Astor has its own production of composite protection for antennas, radar equipment and electronics. On behalf of customers, composite and carbon fiber masts, parts for boats, aircraft and military products are manufactured.

The construction materials for tomorrow

Composite products are strong, durable and light and are attractive to a number of industries looking for new ways to produce more energy efficient products with less environmental impact and to reduce weight.

Composites are artificially composed materials, where the constituent materials together form a construction material.

The airline industry has for decades used the technology. The major structural elements of a modern passenger aircraft is made of carbon fiber. Demand and interest are also noted in automotive, shipping, wind power and defense.

Use cases

  • The market for lightweight solutions and composites is expected to increase with annual growth over seven percent until 2027.
  • Composites are well suited to the global trends for energy efficiency and sustainability thanks to lower weight and durability.

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Astor is an established player in radar jamming in Scandinavia and Europe.

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