Military and civil aviation safety

Airsafe Sweden is a top provider of air safety equipment, offering tailored solutions and comprehensive maintenance services. Based in Upplands Väsby, they are licensed and certified to ensure quality and environmental consciousness.

With a legacy dating back to 1977, Airsafe Sweden collaborated on various aerospace projects and proudly distribute renowned brands such as Airborne Systems.



Where Precision Meets Protection

Airsafe Sweden is the Nordic leader in military and civil aviation safety equipment. Together with their clients, Airsafe design and manufacture technically advanced sewn products, offering customised and complete solutions for aviation safety.

Airsafe’s mission is to calculate, design, develop, manufacture and maintain parachute systems and technically advanced sewn products for military and civilian purposes, both in Sweden and internationally, as well as to market, repair and carry out maintenance of aviation safety equipment.

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Aviation Safety Innovators

  • Airsafe are resellers of aviation safety equipment from a number of well-known manufacturers and we design and manufacture our own products for the military and civilian market.
  • Airsafe is the Nordic market leader in parachutes and parachute systems. They customise parachutes for a range of uses together with Airborne Systems and offer parachute systems for personnel, aerial cargo delivery, weapon delivery, recovery and aircraft retardation.
  • Airsafe also manufactures, maintains, and repairs soft air targets of various sizes and characteristics.

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Astor is an established player in radar jamming, composite materials and advanced component manufacturing in Scandinavia and Europe.

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