Scandinavian Astor Technologies is a Swedish defense and industrial group. The group consists of a military part and a civilian industrial part.

Astor’s military part develops, produces and sells radar jamming systems for training purposes. The industrial part manufactures composite components on behalf of customers in aviation, automotive and defense industries. The groups holdings consist of My-Konsultbolagen, Marström Composite AB and JPC Composite.

Astor is an established player in radar jamming in Scandinavia and Europe. The company has been a supplier to the Swedish Armed Forces for many years. The radar jamming system manipulates radar signals from ships, aircraft as well as stationary radar stations by receiving and transmitting signals.

The enemy cannot identify if there is a target or where it is located. In field tests, the system has proven to be very competitive and efficient compared to most qualified players internationally. Hardware and software in Astor’s system are proprietary.

The group owns all IPR. Marström and JPC are two well established Swedish companies in composites and carbon fibre. The companies provide components in different composites on behalf for customers in
different fields such as aviation, military, cars, medicin, boat parts and boat masts.
Marström and JPC also provide components intended for Astor’s radar jamming systems

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