Scandinavian Astor Group is a Swedish defense and industrial group. The group consists of a military part and a civilian industrial part divided into two business areas: Astor Tech and Astor Industry. Astor Groups subsidiaries includes: My-Konsultbolagen, Marstrom Composite, JPC Composite and Mikroponent.

Astor Industry
The companies in the business area Astor Industry act as subcontractors to the defense industry and several other industrial segments such as the automotive, engineering and maritime industries, etc. The offering currently consists of components and related services to mainly larger industrial customers with an emphasis on the Nordic region but also on a global market. The companies, with a leading position in one or more product verticals and market niches, are divided into Marstrom Composite, JPC Composite and Mikroponent.

Astor Tech
The companies within the business area Astor Tech delivers finished products and services that are critical for a modern defense landscape directly to end customers, such as authorities and defense industries within Europe and aiming globally. The business area currently consists of the My-Konsult companies that focus on delivering services and products within Electronic Warfare (EW). The Board plans to make acquisitions that expand the business area with additional technologies or expertise in the defense sector.

Scandinavian Astor Group communicates mainly in Swedish to its investors. For information in English, please contact us using the contact form.

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