Radar jamming

The Swedish Astor IV system is developed to manipulate radar signals, jam contemporary radars and deceive other electronic surveillance systems.

How radar jamming works

The Astor IV system manipulates the radar signal so that an enemy cannot detect a target. The system provides manipulated information so that it is not possible to identify whether a target exists at all or where it is located.

The system both receives and transmits tracking signals. An important component of the system is the DRFM unit (digital radio frequence memory) which can anticipate, modify and jam radar pulses. The system calculates speed, direction, angle and height in relation to the radar to be disrupted. The DRFM unit remembers the radar pulse which therefore easily manipulated or disrupted. In field tests, the system has proven to be very competitive and efficient compared to most qualified players internationally. Hardware and software in Astor’s system are proprietary. The group owns all IPR.


The system manipulates radar signals from ships, aircraft as well as stationary radar stations by receiving and transmitting signals.

Download the implementation in a MB-339 aircraft as a pdf.

The system components

  • Receiver
  • Pilot panel
  • Operator panel
  • Dual pods featuring 8x Digital Radio Frequence Memory, DRFM
  • Transmitter

Astor IV used in training of radar operators

In this video we show how Astor IV can be used in training of radar operators.

Use cases

  • Increased demand as a result of the deteriorating security situation
  • All of Astor’s systems are ITAR-free

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Astor is an established player in radar jamming in Scandinavia and Europe.

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